Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

Our team unearths insights that lead to initiatives both retailers and consumers support. We focus on identifying the moments, messages, and incentives which provide disproportionate value to our brands throughout the retail journey and ultimately get people purchasing.
We do this by:

Joint Business Planning

We are able to bring customer-specific experience, playbooks, and expertise to the entire joint business planning process, range reviews, and cyclical annual relationships.

Category Insights & Strategy

We use the power of the Clemenger Group & Omnicom planning tools to uncover genuine consumer insights which drive category growth. We then consistently blend these with customer and brand insights to unveil the unique selling proposition that aligns with stakeholders.

Customer Experience Planning  

Our team is fastidious in understanding what works (and what doesn’t) through a retailer’s ecosystem to drive ROI along with maximising the concept comprehension. This extends from media buying, head office, and key stakeholder plans, shopper strategy, and tactical focuses.

Campaign Delivery

Our creative team works alongside brand agencies and brand teams to translate the emotional equity of brands into hardworking sales activation campaigns. We respect brand memory structures and distinctive assets and build persuasive, action-orientated shopper activities.

Customer Relationships Tools 

We have a range of plug & play consultative tools which range from blue sky workshops, customer relationship audits, hosting JBP sessions, and innovation sessions which all aim to drive transparency and expedite results.

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