Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship Marketing

We are a proud, brand-side-only sponsorship solution that delivers objective and unbiased advice on how sponsorship connects to your marketing plan, business strategy, and of course people.

We have the specialisation and expertise to manage all aspects of sponsorship marketing for our clients, from overall strategy to choosing and contracting the potential sponsors to ongoing partnership management and leverage solutions.

Sponsorship Strategy

Our sponsorship team will help you formulate the strategic direction for your brand based on our extensive marketing expertise and our sponsorship management experience. The result is an insight-led, sustainable sponsorship strategy that truly serves the purpose of activating your brand to deliver tangible commercial outcomes.

Property or Portfolio Evaluation

Defining the effectiveness of a partnership can be tricky, so we have developed a suite of sponsorship tools to help brands evaluate and optimise sponsorship contracts objectively to ensure they remain congruent with marketing plans and business strategies.

Rightsholder Knowledge Bank

Many brands understand their target audience but need help to discover the best organisation to build a partnership with. We don’t take commissions or retainers from rightsholders to ensure we remain unbiased and deliver objective and tailored recommendations for our clients. In doing so, we have curated a knowledge bank across Sport, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion, Gaming, and LGBTIQ+ organisations and understand how brands can leverage these properties to deliver effective commercial outcomes.

Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiations can be uncomfortable. We can help brands navigate the negotiation process by leading the negotiation directly with the rightsholder or coaching the brand team behind the scenes to maximise the contract value and ensure benefits can be effectively leveraged.

Servicing Your Partnership

Sponsorship might be the best channel to deliver your marketing objectives but resourcing up may be cost-prohibitive. At Traffik, we can take the hassle out of partnership management, ensuring the relationship with your sponsors reflect your brand and business objectives, the rights and benefits are delivered to an exceptional standard on time and discover new ways to maximise the value of the partnership.

Leveraging Your Partnership

To deliver exceptional sponsorship outcomes, its essential brands leverage each partnership effectively. We help brands maximise their partnership investment through activation solutions to reach your target audience through multiple channels across Digital, E-Commerce, Experiential, PR, Shopper, Social, and Studio Production.

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